Anti-Gravity Yoga


A fun way to turn your world upside-down!

Using silk hammocks (at Crunch Chevy Chase), you have a great space to play and explore — its a wonderful opportunity to check in with where you are in your mind, body and spirit. Just like yoga, the movements follow the flow of the breaths, looking to dive deeper into oneself as movements progress and shift. AntiGravity Yoga is an aerial yoga and suspension fitness technique created by Christopher Harrison. It is very accessible: one can monitor one’s own resistance so the class can be as easy or challenging as you choose. 

How do you feel afterwards? Its like a great massage—the contacts points of body to hammocks help release tight muscles (might be uncomfortable at first, but after multiple classes your body becomes accustomed and actually craves the deep release). After class, you will be stretched to your maximum height (usually ¼” to 1½” taller — however, the effects are not cumulative!)  and you will feel lighter and refreshed.  Come fly with me!